Company and General Contractor

Fashion and Luxury Retail

Della Camera Arredamenti, located in Terranuova Bracciolini, represents a handworking excellence in the Arno Valley area, the heart of Tuscany. It came from a long history of tradition and innovation, until becoming a Global Contractor.

History and evolution

A thirty-years long past of handworking tradition is the sound base for a present looking forward to a continuous search of perfection.

Born from the passion of a woodworkers family who firmly believed their dreams, DCA is now a well-known General Contractor specialised in the Luxury Retail branch.

Three seats, over 80 workers, a worldwide case history, DCA relies on a skilled internal staff of architects, prototypes makers, project managers, interior designers and installation teams.

The Company works in about 8000 sq m, in 7 locations all around the Arno Valley area, each of them destined to specific working phases, with specialised staff.

Turn-key service

The offered turn-key service is guaranteed by the Company structure, that owns an internal interior design project studio, specialised in wood cladding and flooring, as well as by the company owned carpentry and windows and doors factory.

Innovating solutions, custom-tailored projects, care, attention and skill in each and every working phase, with a constant control from the starting ideas to the final installation.

The Company owners constantly following every production detail are a further guarantee for timing and precision.

Constant innovation

DCA is able to use any material on the market: wood, printed resin, plexiglas, metals such as steel or brass with different galvanic finishes, anodised metals, glass or digital printed materials. We can also handle any lining type, such as leather, tissues, silk, papers and many more.

Space design, materials consultancy, project engineering with sector specific technical skills: it all makes DCA a company that follows the market needs, capable of approaching both restyling projects and new boutiques.

Company mission

Being specialised in Luxury Retail for Fashion Design, DCA maintains a rapid timing and a strict control over the starting project, in order to keep the high standards requested by the exclusive Fashion market.

The Company growth and evolution we achieved in the Luxury retail could not change the deepest heart of the Company, made up of people, passion, cooperation and love for our job.