The General Contractor for luxury retail

The perfect union between artisanal production and problem solving

Careful selection and experimentation of new, innovative materials combined with decades of knowledge and experience in production processes have made our company the highest benchmark in terms of fashion retail.

Beginning with the very conception of an idea, from design to prototype, speedy hand-crafted production to global shipping, specialised assembly to comprehensive after-sales assistance we are the ultimate partner for luxury brands.

We have a team of over 100 full time qualified and highly specialised staff who work in seven specifically adapted factories


Concept and Design

Personalised Creations

Thanks to many years of experience we have developed the highly skilled techniques and know-how which allows us to design, create and engineer sales areas of any size and in any location, from building space to Visual Tools.

Years of work, experience and continual development allow us to address our clients needs on a very personal basis, day by day working together to create sales environments with high visibility, great visual marketing strategies, sales points and of course positive visitor perception and experience in the luxury retail market sector.

Pre-assembly and Installation


Qualified Professionals
2019 Projects
International installations in 2019

Specialised Staff

Internal production in our own workshops

Pure craftsmanship in both the administrative and productive sectors of the company

Specialised, personalised designs, prototypes and strictly in-house assembly

Comprehensive project management and cost controls

Logistics, transportation or shipment by our own personnel