Della Camera Arredamenti was founded in 1979

“We started making doors and windows right back in 1894, we were inspired by our passion for woodworking which had been handed down and enriched over three generations”

Thanks to the enormous experience we have gained since we were just a small carpentry shop we have gained a deep insight in to the processes of our craft which we treasure deeply and include in our work with all the other production materials, using skills we have accumulated over the years.

Our company philosophy, with roots planted in the distant past, has always been to develop and experiment with new products, to be innovative and to always work towards new goals.

Della Camera Arredamenti which was founded in 1979 now boasts seven factories and over 100 highly specialised employees.

The advent of new technology has allowed us to continually expand our production power; the entire hand-crafting production process has been vastly improved in quality, flexibility, speed and reliability.

We have become the “go to” company for many major International luxury brands mainly thanks to the high value we put on our human resources. Our craftsmen are indispensable for both the growth of DCA and the incredibile challenges posed by the ever changing retail environments. We are the serious and realiable partner luxury retailers can entrust with the ‘image’ of their stores, shop windows, visual tools and problem solving.

Every project is a new challenge for us, consisting of both spectacular creativity and finding efficient solutions to problems. Thanks to careful management, sensitive awareness on the behalf of each department towards quality, deadlines and costs we are able to cheerfully face each new challenge as it comes.

Luxury retail is a ferociously fast and competitive market, by satisfying the ever more demanding needs of famous International fashion brands – as our projects, show – we can bet that we are the number one partner in our specialised field.